Relaunch & Safe Start Q & A

Q: What if a student in my class/my child’s class or I test positive and have to quarantine? Will I have to use sick days? Still work from home if able and not use sick days?
A: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act will provide up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave if quarantine is deemed necessary by health care providers.

Q: Will PPE, sanitizer, testing, and temperature checks be provided by the district or will I be responsible for them?
A: Staff will be required to complete a daily symptom self check online. Sanitizer will be provided by the district. CCS has a reusable mask for each staff member. Please follow CDC guidelines.

Q:How will behavioral issues (refusing to wear masks, social distance) be handled?
A:Like any other behavioral issue, it will be handled by administration/Dean of Students.

Q: If we are full time remote (Option C) will teachers work from home or report to school?
A: Where teachers work from under Option C is still being discussed.

Q:Will a student who tests positive or has a household member test positive will they move to remote learning for 14 days?
A: Students who test positive will be instructed by the Pickaway County Health Department on quarantining. We will continue to educate students online if they are required to quarantine.

Q: If lunch and specials are to be provided in the elementary classrooms will I get lunch and planning time?
A: Yes, K-2 Lunch 2:20-2:50/ 3-5 Lunch 3:20-3:50 and specials will provide some planning time throughout the day. Also Mondays and Fridays, 8:15-8:45 for 3-5 and 2:50-3:20 for K-3.

Q: Will teachers be responsible for disinfecting classrooms/ education spaces each day?
A: We will all have to do our part but the custodial staff is going to be cleaning and disinfecting each evening. We are working on staffing for this.

Q: Will additional education space (gym, cafeteria, etc) have access to technology at CES?
A: Everyone will have their device in whatever space they are in. We are not mounting technology in those areas and I do not plan to instruct from those areas.

Q: How will we ensure all students have access to reliable internet access if we go to Option C?
A: The district is currently offering Wifi in the HS parking lot and is working with local businesses to provide hotspot internet access to students at various locations.

Q: Will we be able to schedule time outside (wetlands, grassy area around building) to help students move around since they will be in one room for the majority of the day?
A: Yes, please do!  Some of the grassy area will be reserved for recess but use any outdoor space available. Classes just can’t mix while outdoors.

Q: How soon can CES get into our classrooms to set up? A: Monday, 7/27, but DO NOT move student desks!

Q: Shortened day for elementary students? Can they withstand that long in a seat in one room?
A: It is shortened by about 20 minutes.  Bathroom breaks, put on masks (3-5) and do a brain break, or reserve an outdoor space to take class outside, we will need to get creative.

Q: Who will be teaching the elementary online classes? Will there be a stipend for classroom teachers also teaching online?
A: This is not solidified yet. I hope to have someone in K-2 responsible for the online only students and the same in 3-5. When we are on schedule b and c the teacher will be responsible for both in class and online for their students outside of the all online students. They stay with the group they are in. Not sure on the stipend.  Also read Jon’s email from 7/22.

Q: How will we find subs and what do we do if absorption is off the table at the elementary?
A: Great question on subs, I’m sure it will be an issue. I have planned for the gym to be the absorption space and will have to have aides free to manage those situations.

Q: Does FLVS work with platforms (Google classroom, etc.) already in place?
A: Google classroom is compatible with any site if you’re just using it to post the link.

Q: What enrichment opportunities will our students have if they can’t leave the building? Can people come into the building?
A: No, they cannot.  We will need to get creative.

Q: What are the requirements for specials teachers if we go to Option C? And what are their work day hours.
A: Jon and I will be discussing this. I think it will be FLVS based like everyone else. They will be there from 8:05-3:50.

Q: Will our students be able to work in groups or be forced to work independently all year?
A: Group work will be allowed in the virtual setting. Teachers will have to ensure all student needs are met and students are able to meet in groups.

Q: Will teachers be able to wear shields instead of masks?
A: Shields will be provided when deemed a hindrance to the learning process and will need to be approved by the Superintendent.

Q: Can we bring our children to school if we are on Option B (Fridays)?
A: No, kids may not be in the building on these days.

Still waiting on answers for the following questions… 

Q: How do we ensure that we are meeting the needs of our special education students?

Q: What do we do if parents refuse to make their child wear a mask?

Q: Will we shut down a building instead of the entire district due to an outbreak?

Q: Do we have the technology available to record ourselves teaching in our classrooms?

Q: How do we ensure students complete work at home? If fully remote will we have letter grades or pass/fail?

Q: Will there be a common phrasing or language we will use as a district to discuss COVID guidelines with students/parents?

Q: How frequently will testing be available/required for staff?